Grevillea robusta -/ɡriˈvilēə, rōˈbəsta/ - species

June 17, 2020

Definition: A medium to large deciduous tree, climbing 12-40 meters tall, with a dense, conical crown.

Grevillea robusta, commonly referred to as the silky oak, is a fast-growing timber tree. While Grevillea robusta is native to Eastern Australia, it is becoming increasingly popular in East Africa, often replacing eucalyptus in timber production. 

Agroforestry Uses of Grevillea Robusta

Apiculture: The nectar-rich flowers of Grevillea robusta are attractive to bees and make for great honey production.

Windbreak: Grevillea robusta is a good tree for windbreaks when combined with shorter species.

Intercropping: Grevillea robusta is a good shade-species for tea and coffee.

The Characteristics of Grevillea Robusta

Grevillea robusta has a complex, shallow root system that allows for efficient nutrient uptake. This makes it a useful tree even on the most degraded soils. However, pruning is essential so the roots of the Grevillea robusta do not compete with crops growing around it. Learn more about Grevillea robusta in Chapter 9 of the Forest Garden Training Center's Technical Manual.