Companion Planting -/kəmˈpanyən, plant-ing/ -noun

February 12, 2020

Definition: The practice of planting two or more crops in close proximity for mutual benefit. 

A farmer may implement companion planting to maximize space, protect crops, create a habitat for beneficial insects or manage pests. 

12 Companion Planting Duos:

▪️Eggplant and Hot Pepper

▪️Asparagus and Parsley
▪️Peas and Carrots
▪️Corn and Cucumber
▪️Cabbage and Peppermint
▪️Tomatoes and Carrots
▪️Onion and Lettuce
▪️Watermelon and Potato
▪️Kale and Sage
▪️Spinach and Strawberries
▪️Cauliflower and Celery
▪️Okra and Onion

Fun Fact About Okra: Okra really does love Onion! Okra is a flowering plant in the Malvaceae family
Unfortunately, plants in the Malvaceae family are susceptible to pests such as caterpillars, whiteflies, and mites. By companion planting okra in beds of onions, the okra remains protected from pests. 

Companion Planting example: Lettuce planted with hot pepper.