Agribusiness - /aɡrəˌbiznəs/ - noun

Agriculture conducted for commercial purposes.

While the term agribusiness typically refers to large scale monoculture farm production, TREES encourages Forest Garden farmers to engage in entrepreneurship. 

Forest Garden Fact: At Trees for the Future, we work with smallholder farmers to adopt low-cost, sustainable alternative technologies that not only improve their land but also provide business opportunities. Ugandan Forest Garden farmer Ajok Lilly has had great success with creating her own natural pesticide, a skill that she learned from her training with TREES.

Ajok's pesticide recipe: 
Out of gratitude to the donors that have made her participation with Trees for the Future possible, Ajok shares her recipe with you:
  • 1 kg of Young Mango leaves
  • 1 mug of Black Jack leaves
  • 1 mug of Red Pepper
  • 1 matchbox size of Soap 
Combine in 10 liters of water and store in an airtight container.