Polyculture  /ˈpälēkəlCHər/ noun

January 22, 2020

Agricultural practice in which a variety of crops and/or animals are cultivated. 

Polyculture is practiced in Forest Gardens. 

You may have heard Forest Gardens called by other names, such as polyculture, permaculture or agroforestry – and these are all related descriptions of what we aim for – a multi-layered, multipurpose distribution of vegetables, bushes and lots of trees – designed to optimize the productivity of a piece of land.

The Forest Garden Approach is a polyculture farming system that thinks vertically, not just horizontally.

Forest Garden Fact: Forest Gardens stand in stark contrast to modern industrial agriculture which encourages farmers to practice monoculture.

Over time, monoculture farming degrades land and depletes soil of nutrients while polyculture regenerates soil.

Did you know? Nutrition is a major concern across developing countries. One of the keys to ending hunger and nutritional deficiencies for farming families lies in the diversification of land and crops. The Forest Garden Approach is helping achieve this in just 2 years.

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