Sprout /sprout/ - noun or verb

December 18, 2019

Definition: 1 (noun): A shoot of a plant 2 (verb): start to grow; develop 

In the Forest Garden: After they have identified the trees they want to plant in their Forest Garden and developed their Forest Garden design, farmers are taught how to establish a nursery. 

Seeding a nursery seems pretty straight forward but sometimes the seeds never sprout. If that happens, farmers can refer to Module 13 of the Forest Garden Training Center’s Technical Manual to troubleshoot. 

3 reasons seeds may not be sprouting:

  1. Seeds are planted too deeply – If this is the case they may sprout in the soil, but the first leaves are unable to reach the surface. A good general rule is that seeds should be planted at a depth that is equal to twice their thickness. 

  2. Planting in water-logged soil – Seeds and young sprouts can rot if there is too much water and not enough oxygen. If a nursery is double dug properly, this should not be a problem.

  3. Using soil that has been exposed to herbicides – Herbicides can linger in soils, slowing plant growth. 

Did You Know? Germination, the process in which an organism grows from a seed, is often referred to as sprouting. But seeds aren’t just sprouting in Forest Gardens, children are too! Thanks to your continued support, we are able to teach more farmers how to plant themselves out of poverty and hunger.

With increased income and food security, farmers are able to feed their little sprouts (kids) nutrient-rich fruits, nuts and vegetables; ensuring a brighter future for the next generation

Thanks for sharing this useful information from Agroforestry Word of the Week on sprout. However, I was very much interested to see the farmers of the future holding some fruits indicating that the Forest Garden will continue to be in place in many years! Thanks.
Peter Matata - 25 Dec 2019