Agronomy  /əˈɡrɑnəmi/ noun

December 11, 2019

Definition 1: The holistic study of agriculture, crops and soil; 2: The science of using agricultural crops for food, fuel, fiber and land restoration; 3: The application of science and technology from biology, ecology, soil science, water science and pest management to improve and manage food crops. 

In the Forest Garden: Through training in the Forest Garden Approach, farmers learn the importance of soil and how to regenerate and maintain their land. The Forest Garden Approach is agronomic; incorporating a variety of concepts from agroforestry, permaculture, conservation agriculture and climate-smart agriculture into one holistic system.

Did You Know? Much like Agronomists, Forest Garden farmers and trainers are concerned with many aspects of the agricultural process including soil health, what nutrients crops need and give, finding natural fertilizers, how climate affects crops, how to best control pests and how to grow crops efficiently without harming the planet. 

With your help, we can continue to transform food systems holistically