Symbiotic /simbīˈädik/- adjective

November 20, 2019

Definition: A relationship or arrangement between two organisms where each has a process or byproduct that benefits the other

In the Forest Garden: The symbiotic relationship between farmers and their land is one of mutualism. Farmers benefit tremendously from their Forest Gardens; using it as a sustainable source of food for their families, fodder for their animals and income in the form of marketable products. 

Did You Know?  There are two types of symbiotic relationships found in the Forest Garden.

  • Mutualism: both organisms benefit from the relationship
  • Parasitism: one organism (the parasite) gains, while the other (the host) suffers

While most symbiotic relationships found in the Forest Garden are mutual, farmers are equipped to eliminate parasitic relationships in natural, environmentally-friendly ways.