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Loam - /lōm/ - noun

July 3rd, 2019

Definition: Soil containing a balance of sand, silt and clay, plus humus and nutrient-rich materials. Loam is considered ideal for raising seedlings. It’s dark in color, and soft and crumbly in your hands. Loam holds water and nutrients well, but also allows for drainage and movement of air between soil particles and through the root zone.

In the Forest Garden: A perfect loam is not always easy to create, but Trees for the Future farmers   can get close by mixing the soils they have access to, along with some humus, compost, or dried manure, to provide nutrients for their seedlings. 

Make Your Own: Try mixing 3 parts topsoil to 1 part humus-rich soil to 1 part sand.

Learn more about soil types and finding the right one for your seedlings in Module 5 of the Forest Garden Training Manual.