December 14, 2022

Cut-and-carry - noun

Definition: A livestock management system where animals are kept enclosed in a penned area and fodder is “cut and carried” to them to eat.

Cut-and-Carry in the Forest Garden:

Cut-and-carry livestock management protects farmers' crops from damage and destruction caused by free-roaming livestock. This system also allows farmers to better protect their livestock from people, pests, diseases, and the sun.

In a Cut-and-carry system, farmers can also ensure that livestock are fed the highest quality food available, at a low cost. Forest Garden farmers feed their livestock fresh, nutritious branches and leaves from high-protein fodder trees such as Sesbania sesban. As a result, farmers will raise livestock that can provide high-value animal-source foods for better nutrition and additional income generation.

Read more about Cut-and-Carry practices in Chapter 12 of the Technical Manual.

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