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Taproot / - noun

March 27, 2019

Definition: The largest, most central and dominant root of a primary root system. Developing from the radicle of a seed (the embryo), taproots are quick to grow directly down into the soil. Typically very thick, taproots are the central root from which the remaining roots of the root system will sprout.

In the Forest Garden: While certain taproots make for some delicious vegetables, like carrots and turnips (like the one above), some can be a serious challenge to transplant. Since taproots naturally grow directly downward, they often end up deeper in the soil than other root systems, so they are more difficult to uproot. Root damage is likely to stunt or kill the plant, so it is vital for farmers to avoid damaging a taproot.

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MUYUNDA WALUKA - 09 Nov 2019