March 30, 2022

Germination Test - noun

Definition: A procedure used to determine the viability of a given batch of seeds by inducing and measuring germination rates.

Germination Tests in the Forest Garden:

A germination test can save a farmer an astonishing amount of time and money. When a farmer purchases seed, it is good practice for them to take a small sample from the batch and place it in the appropriate conditions to germinate. Monitoring and watering the seed sample each day, a farmer will eventually see how viable the batch of seeds is by how many have sprouted. 

To calculate the germination rate of the sample, divide the number of seeds from the sample that have sprouted by the totally number of seeds of the sample. Multiply that number by 100. The larger the sample size, the more accurate the germination rate will be in relation to the entire batch of seed.  

Germination Rate Calculation: (# of germinated seeds from the sample / total # of seeds from the sample) X 100

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