March 23, 2022

Seed Bank - noun

Definition: A temperature and moisture-controlled space designated for long-term seed storage that maintains seed viability for future use.

Seed Banks in the Forest Garden:

Seed banks are an incredible resource for farmers to set up. While there may be some initial input costs for establishing an appropriate environment to store seeds, the long-term benefits turn costs into profit.

Farmers can use a small storage room or shed as their seed bank. As long as safe storage conditions are maintained, it does not have to be a large room, requiring only enough space for a few buckets or canisters. A farmer with an established seed bank can routinely collect high-quality seeds from their Forest Garden when they reach maturity, dry the seeds and sort them, then bring them to the seed bank for storage. Once stored and properly labeled, the farmer will be able to keep them until they are ready to sell, trade, or plant.  

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