January 19, 2022

Seasonal Calendar - noun

Definition: A type of planning calendar that helps farmers track different information, such as when different crops will be ready for harvest so that they can structure their gardens to have something to eat and sell every month of the year.

Seasonal Calendars in the Forest Garden:

Seasonal Calendars are an effective planning tool farmers can use when deciding what crops to grow and when. Farmers use seasonal calendars in two ways:

1) To identify what products are available for harvest throughout the year. When they identify harvest times, they can see where there may be gaps in production and think about crops they can harvest in those months to add to their Forest Garden. This will allow them to have something to harvest each month of the year that they can use to either feed their family or sell at markets - or both! 

2) To track the prices for different crops throughout the year to identify the best selling time for each crop.  Because farmers know how long each crop takes to be ready for harvest, identifying best prices helps farmers strategize how to shift planting times to hit those high prices. Shifting production can be an advanced practice but can be possible through some season extension techniques or the availability of irrigation.    

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