October 13, 2021

Rootstock -  \ ˈrüt-ˌstäk / - noun

The base plant onto which a scion is attached or joined during the grafting process.

Rootstocks in the Forest Garden:

The most important consideration when selecting rootstock is to make sure that rootstock is graft-compatible with the scion, meaning they are in the same botanical family. The rootstock of a graft will determine characteristics such as the form of root growth; the root’s resistance to disease, drought, and insect attacks; as well as the vigor of the tree. So, it is important for farmers to use strong, locally-adapted varieties.  

It is recommended that when farmers select a rootstock seedling from a tree nursery, they select the most healthy and vigorous seedlings. The seedling should have a diameter of 1 cm halfway up its stem. 

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