September 22, 2021

Infiltration -  \ ˌin-​(ˌ)fil-​ˈtrā-​shən / - noun

The process by which water enters the soil through the ground surface.

Infiltration in the Forest Garden:

Topography, vegetation cover and soil type all influence water infiltration on a farm. Water will better infiltrate the ground on farms that are relatively flat, have a good vegetative cover, and have soil that is high in organic matter. (Sandy soil may also have quick infiltration but once infiltrated, the soil does not hold the water well.) Farms that do not yet have a good vegetative cover can use mulching and farmers should mulch all garden beds and exposed soil. The use of small garden earthworks as well as contour berms and swales can also assist with water infiltration, as they can capture water in depressions and slow it down so that more of it can sink in rather than flow across the surface.

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