Tree Crown

August 25, 2021

Tree Crown -  \ ˈtrē  ˈkrau̇n/ - noun

The top part of the tree, above the main trunk, containing all of the branches and leaves. 

Tree Crowns in the Forest Garden:

After four years in the Forest Garden Program, farmers have an average of over 2000 trees growing in their plot. While this is an abundant amount of vegetation, there is still a limited amount of space available so it is extremely important that farmers are intentional with the species they select to fill their Forest Garden as some trees will take up more space than others. As the trees develop, their crowns will begin to extend over more ground. If a farmer selects species that have very wide crowns, the crops growing beneath may eventually suffer due to a lack of sunlight.  

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Alemayehu Markos - 21 Oct 2021