Trees for the Future Certified Forest Garden Specialists Can Share their Impact 

Announcing an effort to track tree planting within our global community 


Trees for the Future (TREES) has hosted more than 883 virtual Forest Garden students through the online Forest Garden Training Center in the last year (June 2020 – June 2021)144 of those students have become Certified Forest Garden Specialists. Certified specialists have the knowledge and skills to establish Forest Gardens and share their skills with others, making sustainable change possible for farmers around the world.  

TREES and the Forest Garden Training Center are working to create a global network of Forest Garden farmers and practitioners capable of sharing agroforestry knowledge and spreading awareness of its many positive impactsAs our global community of Certified Forest Garden Specialists grows, we’re eager to keep up with how each specialist uses their Forest Garden knowledge to help people and the planet. 

That’s why, starting in June 2021, we’re going to be asking all Certified Forest Garden Specialists to share how many trees they’re planting in Forest Gardens each year. Whether you plant one tree or one million trees you’re making an impact. 

All Certified Forest Garden Specialists are being asked to share their tree planting numbers on a voluntary basis. You are not required to report your work to TREES and your reporting has no bearing on your association with the organization. Our goal is simply to collect as much impact data as possible so that we can prove the efficacy and importance of the Forest Garden Approach and, ultimately, train more people every year. 

The training team will be reaching out to Certified Forest Garden Specialists over the next few days to begin collecting more information. If you have any questions, please let us know at