Tree Sack

May 19, 2021

Tree Sack -  \ ˈtrē ˈsak\ noun

A plastic, cloth, or biodegradable container used to grow individual trees, minimizing seed competition for resources and ensuring vigorous growth

Tree Sacks in the Forest Garden

Using tree sacks in nurseries is good for trees that need a bit more care and those that have sensitive root systems which would be disturbed by transplanting from bare root. When preparing tree sacks for their Forest Garden nurseries, farmers make sure that the soil they are adding to the sack is not too compacted to restrict the plan from growing. It is also important that farmers arrange the filled sacks well so that they stand up right, which allows for more successful watering.

More Trees, Less Waste

While tree sacks are often viewed as the preferred method for tree nurseries for the protection they provide, the waste from plastic sacks has always been one of the main disadvantages. In Trees for the Future's ongoing efforts to protect the planet, the organization transitioned to biodegradable tree sacks in 2019. You can read about it here.

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