Apiculture - /āpəˌkəlCHər/ - practice

November 25, 2020

Definition: The practice of breeding bees and maintaining colonies to produce honey and other byproducts. Synonym: beekeeping

A Closer Look: Bees serve an important purpose in a Forest Garden. In addition to producing honey, which allows farmers to diversify their income, bees also pollinate trees and plants. In fact, many crops are dependent on bee pollination for survival and growth.
Read our blog to meet a Forest Garden family successfully using apiculture to make a living.

Bees and Trees:

Bees and trees have a mutually beneficial relationship. Forest Garden farmers can reap the benefits of that relationship when they incorporate apiculture into their land management practices. Farmers can select tree species such as the Alibizia Lebbeck tree to attract bees and use bees to help cross-pollinate the nearby trees and plants. Learn more about which trees are great for bees in Module 9 of the Technical Manual.