Direct Seeding – /dīˈrekt, sēd’ing/ – method

September 16, 2020

Definition: A planting method where seeds are sown directly into the soil rather than in a nursery.

A Closer Look: Although raising seedlings in a nursery tends to generate the best results, direct seeding can be used as a less labor-intensive and cheaper alternative.

Six Tips for Direct Seeding Success:

 – Be sure to choose species that are known to do well with direct seeding.
– Prepare the ground to provide a suitable seedbed.
– Use good quality, viable seeds.
– Sow seeds when soil moisture is favorable for seedling germination and establishment – be sure to sow after the rainy season begins to ensure seeds receive plenty of water to establish their root systems.
– Weed to ensure the seedlings do not have to compete for water, sunlight, and nutrients.
– Implement appropriate thinning to ensure good spacing for maturing trees.
Learn more about direct seeding in Chapter 5 of the Technical Manual.