Sloping Agriculture Land Technology - / S.A.L.T. / - system

August 19, 2020

Definition: A system in which dense hedgerows of nitrogen-fixing tree and/or shrub species are planted along contour lines, creating a living barrier that can trap sediment and gradually transform the sloped land into terraced land.

A Closer Look: S.A.L.T. systems reduce soil erosion and help farmers maintain soil fertility by fixing nitrogen at the roots.

S.A.L.T. in the Forest Garden

While the Forest Garden Approach does not incorporate S.A.L.T as the main technique, farmers still apply contour planting systems that build off of the same concept. When practicing contour planting, farmers use vegetative barriers to prevent erosion and promote soil fertility and stability on sloped land. Read more about how Forest Garden farmers use contour planting in this month’s newsletter.

Très très bon système de sel adaptable dans notre des cultures en Centrafrique
junior KETTE - 20 Aug 2020